'Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft' Exits Beta and is Now Available for Mac and PC, iPad Version Still in the Works

Discountp>Blizzard’s highly-anticipated card-battler Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft feels like it’s been in beta forever, but today that beta period officially ended and the game is now available for Mac and PC. That’s great news and all, but what about the iPad version? Well, Blizzard has always stated that the iPad version would come out after the official release of the PC and Mac version, but haven’t really said how far after the desktop release it would be.

Blizzard also announced at BlizzCon this past November that Hearthstone would come to the iPhone as well as the Android platform sometime in the second half of 2014. When questioned about the iOS version on the Hearthstone blog in a post announcing its release earlier today, a Blizzard representative stated “Working on it! iPad, iPhone and Android in the works!” My guess is it will be out before the second half of 2014 starts, so before the end of June (hopefully much sooner).

We’ve spent quite a bit of time with Hearthstone pre-release, going hands-on with the game on iPad and taking a more in-depth look at its card collecting aspects. As nice as it is to see the official release of the game for PC and Mac, we’re still quite anxious for an iPad release. Once Blizzard starts talking specific release dates for the iPad version we’ll be sure to let you know, but until then you might as well give the PC or Mac version of Hearthstone a try for free while you wait.


for years, the St. Petersburg side of the Gandy Bridge chugged along supported by an organic mix of old navy hours Florida waterside allures: Kahuna’s for burgers and beer, the Crab Shack for the obvious, Vegas Showgirls for a different obvious, Derby Lane and such. Longtime businesses might peter out (Dave’s Aqua Lounge), but it wasn’t a stretch known for its dynamism.

But what’s this? Drive Gandy Boulevard toward Tampa now and there’s something going on, cars shoaled tight like fish, the odd outliers on the causeway shoulder getting ticketed or even towed by exasperated cops. It’s a tiki explosion, launched in this chilly Florida winter and poised to be the biggest draw around as the weather heats up. The Getaway, owned by Scott and Karina Tashkin and Dave Burton, and I.C. Sharks Seafood Market Waterfront Cafe and Tiki Bar, owned by Brian Storman, seem to have had the same good idea at the same time: Take advantage of the allures of Snug Harbor, with its views of Weedon Island, with indoor-outdoor tiki concepts that rely heavily on Old Florida grub and equally Old Florida recreation.

The interesting thing is how differently they’ve approached this same vision. Each is effective, each has already been embraced by Tampa Bay area party people, and together they make a tremendous afternoon or evening out. Just watch where you park!

At the Getaway, which sits on the old Banana Boat spot to the west of I.C. Sharks on property once owned by Storman, there’s a decided contemporary twist to the proceedings. Two huge-beamed open-sided tikis (one a whopping 1,600 square feet) are flanked by waterside tables, fire pits in the sand surrounded by low-slung Adirondack chairs, flickering tiki torches and a whole bunch of just-planted palm trees propped upright. There’s a floating dock with dozens of boat slips, a guy renting kayaks and paddle boards, and at any given time there are dogs (which are actually invited on Margarita Tuesdays) and children frisking with abandon at the water’s edge.

Ro Patel, the mixology master responsible for many of the concoctions at Ciro’s, Anise Global Gastrobar and others, has reinvented classic tiki cocktails using smarter mixers and liquors that nudge them squarely into craft cocktail territory. But here’s the thing: The Getaway has no restaurant kitchen.

In edgy 21st century fashion, the Getaway relies on a “food truck carousel,” originally overseen by Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally but now overseen by the Getaway itself. This means on any given night you pull up and find a seat and a server will present you with the day’s menu. You place your order and somebody scurries over from the food truck du jour with your order - so it operates like a real restaurant, with no waiting in long food truck lines.

This, of course, makes it hard to review. I zipped in one evening for savory brats and delicious currywurst from Der Wurstwagon; another night, it was excellent spicy Asian buns from I Wanna Wok. One night it’s Burger Culture, the next it’s Jimmy’s Meatballs or Alaska Mike’s Yukon Fry Bread, so it requires a certain level of flexibility. But it’s fun, and especially easy on a beautiful spring evening while sipping a Key West ricky (cane citrus vodka, lime juice and soda water; $9) or a luscious MacDill Navy Grog (aged Jamaican rum, tequila liqueur, sneaky tiki juice, apricot flavoring and floated with blue curacao with grenadine; $9).

It’s a scene, this place, with some folks crouched around the green snook light attracting fish and others playing that maddening Bimini Ring game (you know, the ring on a string that you try unsuccessfully for hours to snag on the hook). That may sound down-home, but the Getaway’s $3 million budget gives the whole place a tropical paradise vibe, even with Gandy Bridge traffic shooshing nearby.

Sadly, relations between the Getaway and I.C. Sharks owners have been a little rocky, even though Storman’s new I.C. Sharks cafe and tiki bar look a little like a continuation of the party next door. Storman is a diehard gulf seafood aficionado (well, plus a little Ocean City, Md., blue crab razzle-dazzle), having owned and operated restaurants in the area, from pouring drinks at Penrod’s Palace to opening Storman’s Palace, the Venue and a Tampa nightclub called the Millennium 2000. He opened I.C. Sharks five years ago, focusing in on fresh Florida seafood direct from local fisherman, oysters from Apalachicola, Florida wild-caught shrimp and Joe Island clams.

His plan all along was to add a capacious tiki off the back, equipped with cool swing chairs he saw 35 years ago in a fun-times Florida bar. He launched it last Memorial Day with one 600-foot tiki on the main level and a second similar-sized one upstairs, both with water views. He rents 15- and 17-foot Boston whalers off the back, either by the hour ($35, with two hour minimum) or the day ($199-$250), with a little shop selling live bait and tackle. Sweetwater Kayaks launches eco tours and the like right from there into Snug Harbor. There’s a scary hammerhead shark over the back bar and a gloriously shiny antique diving suit at the front. You getting the picture?

Still, Storman has taken it slow. He launched with a short initial menu drawn heavily from the seafood case at the market up front, but the fire marshal just signed off on the mechanical hood inspection so a full menu debuts any day. Think jumbo lump crab cakes, grouper sandwiches, conch fritters and clams casino. But even before this launches, tiki revelers have plenty of good choices.

A recent evening brought generous bowls of tomatoey, zingy seafood chowder ($7.75) and creamy, sherry-dashed blue crab bisque ($8.25). The most addictive item was the mahi mahi fish spread ($7.75) served with a pile of saltines, or a dozen fresh-shucked gulf oysters ($12; these days Apalach oysters are sparse, so they often come from Texas or Louisiana). And tiki-appropriate beverages include Storman’s own Tampa Bay spin on the rum runner (this one featuring a Myer’s float, not 151, with fresh-squeezed Florida citrus, banana liqueur, blackberry brandy and some other rums and brandies) and the Panhandle’s famous Bushwhacker (like a light coconut mudslide, try it with a rum float).

Before these Gandy guys, Courtney Campbell Causeway dominated as the bridgeside tiki titan with its Tampa end Whiskey Joe’s, Hogan’s Beach and Bahama Breeze, but I’m betting that the Getaway and I.C. Sharks will give the Gandy Bridge its day in the sun.

Laura Reiley can be reached at lreiley@tampabay.com or (727) 892-2293. Follow @lreiley on Twitter. She dines anonymously and unannounced; the Times pays all expenses.

Review: On Gandy Bridge’s west end, a tale of two tikis 03/10/14

This Could Be The Time To Buy Russian Stocks

Buy CheapThis post is part of the “Think Global" series, exploring the next big investment frontiers for investors and financial advisors. "Think Global" is sponsored by OppenheimerFunds&;. Read more in the series “

Just yesterday it seemed like Russia was ready to take military action against Ukraine in the disputed region of Crimea.

Now, Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin has said he sees ’ no need’ for military force in Ukraine.

Investors had already been anxious about the weakness of the ruble and the economy. The regional tensions have caused investors to flee from of the Russian stock market.

Russian stocks are down roughly 20% year-to-date.

Jacob Nell at Morgan Stanley writes that this could be a buying opportunity.

"[The] sell-off has taken the market to technically extreme oversold levels," writes Nell. "Valuation multiples have only been cheaper at the depths of the 2008 crisis (when earnings fell by 60%). And oil markets are stable in contrast to sell-offs in Russia historically. Despite the obvious hit to growth expectations implied by the crisis, any sign that tensions are beginning to de-escalate would constitute a buying opportunity."

It’s important, however, to note that cheap valuations don’t mean guaranteed immediate returns.

According to Meb Faber of Meb Faber Research, low valuations could not prevent Russian stocks from falling in in 2013. Faber points to the cyclically-adjusted price-earnings (CAPE) ratio, a valuation measure popularised by Nobel prize-winning economist Robert Shiller. CAPE is calculated by taking the price of an asset and dividing it by the average of 10 years worth of earnings.

Generally speaking, overweighting stocks with low CAPE ratios appears to be a winning strategy in the long-term. And currently, Russia has the second lowest CAPE ratio in the world, right above Greece.

"While we may see a mild in-year recession, a weaker RUB and hence lower imports, in addition to a supportive oil price in case of increased geopolitical risks, should act as stabilizing factors," said Nell.

Again, there are no guarantees here. But for the patient investor with a lead-lined stomach, Russian stocks appear to be an interesting long-term investment opportunity.

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Deal Alert: 32 GB AT&T Nokia Lumia 1520 now only $124.99

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AT&T is running a sale on Nokia Windows Phones, resulting in steep discounts on a number of desirable handsets.

We have already seen the Nokia Lumia 1020 for $49.99, but you can also pick up the top of the line Nokia Lumia 1520 with 32 Gb storage for only $124.99 (on contract of course).

Other deals include the desirable Nokia Lumis 925 for only $0.49.

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New Zealand Herald

Deal Nowp>

The leadership of New Zealand schools has been overhauled, with the Government creating new roles including ‘executive principals’ and ‘expert teachers’.

The National Government’s economic focus will be on paying down debt as Crown finance’s improve, Prime Minister John Key said this morning.

Read PM John Key’s full state of the nation-style speech to the West Auckland Business Club.

The plain fact is that in industry after industry, Australians have a longer stride, writes Brian Fallow. As long as that remains true, they will outpace us and the…

Prime Minister John Key is on to a winner with his big plans to financially reward excellent teachers and principals, writes Audrey Young.


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A financial adviser who spent some of the $4.7 million he stole from investors on flash cars and a lavish lifestyle has…

Adviser jailed for stealing $4.7m from investors Adviser jailed for stealing $4.7m from investors

An Auckland man accused of leaving hundreds of graffiti tags around the city will defend the charges. Ross James Goode, 24, of Grafton, is facing eight charges of intentional…

High levels of bacteria at popular Auckland swimming spot Auckland port worker badly injured in fall

Confidence hits pre-GFC high

New Zealand consumers are the most upbeat they’ve been since the double-dip recession which began before the 2008…

Inside Money: Where in the WEF - NZ’s place in the growing world

Due to some oversight I, again, wasn’t one of the 225 press representatives invited to attend the 44th World Economic Forum in Davos this week.

The London barman who attempted a citizen’s arrest on Tony Blair has been rewarded with a sizeable bounty for his efforts…

Arrest attempt on Tony Blair in trendy restaurant Arrest attempt on Tony Blair in trendy restaurant

Protesters have issued a stark ultimatum to Ukraine’s President - call early elections within 24 hours or face more popular rage.

Delegats clash as Syria talks open Abbott rejects navy brutality claim

Tech Universe: Thursday 23 January

HIGH SPEED WINE: As you pour that next glass of wine think about how many grapes went into making it and how the grapes…

NASA: Tour of the Moon


Although the moon has remained largely unchanged during human history, our understanding of it and how it has evolved over time has evolved dramatically. Thanks to new…

Labour moots tough oil and gas law

Labour is looking at the Norwegian model for regulating the oil and gas industry, including stronger environmental safeguards…

Chris Rattue: NZ getting ‘crumbs’ off cricket’s ugly top table

A group of selfish heavyweights in a particular sport are locking up the goodies and gold for themselves, and the rest can…

A woman who was made redundant from a food company while on maternity leave has won her case for unfair dismissal and $32,000…

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Under-50s banned from new CBD apartments


Dunedin man’s $10 bet leads to $300,000 windfall


Lifting the veil on the life of Muslim women in NZ


NZ make it two in a row


Sochi twin toilets photo goes viral


Toronto Mayor drunk, swearing in Jamaican


Virgin Galactic’s 3rd powered flight

Sundance Review: Terrific & Remarkable ‘Listen Up Philip’ Starring Jason Schwartzman & Elisabeth Moss

Even the simplest melody can sound marvelous when played by a virtuoso, and in cinema, it’s amazing what well-trained, naturally gifted professional actors can do to with even basic material. Just look at the gigantic gulf between early Joe Swanberg movies featuring unrehearsed amateurs and his more recent, creatively successful films starring professionals: there’s a world of difference. Similarly, Alex Ross Perry’s terrific third feature, ” Listen Up Philip,” is a quantum leap forward from his last feature, the micro-indie ” The Color Wheel,” and it’s thanks in large part to great actors making the excellent script really sing.

Because aside from the terrific, attention-getting performances, it is a remarkable piece of work from this distinctive writer/director. A hilariously acidic look at the New York literary world and the complex and fragile egos within, “Listen Up Philip,” is a marvelously contoured picture and Perry’s most successful film to date by a wide margin. Jason Schwartzman in his best role since ” Rushmore,” plays Philip, a bitter, narcissistic, up-and-coming novelist who is still consumed with anger despite his success. Normally internalizing his rage and saving it for his novels-as the affected literary narrator voiced by Eric Bogosnian informs the audience-on the rare occasion of meeting up with a pretty ex-girlfriend, Philip vomits up a backlogged torrent of abuse, recounting all the ways his ex-paramour was never supportive of his work. Emboldened by the feelings awakened from this change of heart, Philip even reconnects with an old friend from college to condemn him for not pursuing and securing his dreams of creative writing success (uproariously, this friend tells him to eat it and then shuffles on in his wheelchair).

Ostensibly proud of him for his excoriations, Philip’s photographer girlfriend Ashley (a wonderfully nuanced Elisabeth Moss), is really just trying to mask the fact that their relationship is slowly deteriorating. And then, on the verge of the release of his second novel, “Obidant,” and convinced of its impending success, Philip is crushed by the news that the New York Times is going to give the book a negative Review, and then heartened to hear that his literary idol, the Gore Vidal-like famed novelist Ike Zimmerman ( Jonathan Pryce in what might be a career-best performance), loves the book and wants to meet him. Enamored of everything the elder statesman has to say, Philip soon accepts the generous offer to stay at Zimmerman’s upstate summer house so he can peacefully write, outside the noise of New York City (amusingly, Philip had no such issues before, but parroting his mentor, the young writer is soon incapable of spending time creatively in Manhattan).

While upstate, Philip’s strained relationship with Ashley falls apart further, as he starts to embrace the monstrously selfish qualities within himself that Ike is keen on encouraging and in general transforms into an even bigger asshole than the enormously self-absorbed one we first meet. Both a censure of and salute to the literary world, its neurotic creative types and the tiny/gigantic egos that need constant nourishment, “Listen Up Philip” is remarkably well-observed and rich. And the skewering of these appalling characters is often riotously funny.

Willfully difficult, arrogant, indifferent to promoting his novel and as self-centeredly assholish as possible, Philip is a piece of work, but also incredibly specific and well-drawn. This may be the most likable prick we’ve seen on screen since Steve Zissou in ” The Life Aquatic.” Hewing close to a modern New York classic a la ” Frances Ha,” the acerbic, witty, erudite echoes of Noah Baumbach and his belligerent characters are discernible. But Perry borrows from several influences to make something unique and idiosyncratic, so he’s also a pricklier Woody Allen, a less fastidious Wes Anderson, and so on. In fact, one could facetiously call it ” Philip Roth: The Movie" for all the similarities it bears his characters in its supercilious Jewish New York author incapable of meaningful connection with women; Roth’s "Ghost Writer" even features a similar plot construct. Cassevetian in form, especially from his ’70s period (though Perry also loves the close-ups of " Faces”), “Listen Up Philip” often features an aggressively roving camera not afraid of intruding into the face and never too concerned with focus. And shot on Super 16mm by Sean Price Williams (” Somebody Up There Likes Me,” ” Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo “), it looks great (unlike some other Super 16 Sundance films we won’t name) its grainy, instagrammy filters give it a timeless quality, even though it takes place in present day (you won’t see one cell phone though).

On top of how tremendously textured the writing and performances are, “Listen Up Philip” boasts an ambitious triptych structure shifting focus from Philip to Ashley and then to Ike (rounding back to Philip once again). And wisely the tone makes adjustments where necessary (Ashley’s section is far less neurotic, but lonelier as Philip’s absence is deeply felt). At two hours length, Perry’s sprawling film (long for a comedy) does lose a little steam in its third act, but the tortured despair of the protagonist has to be fulfilled and it’s hardly a major blight on what is so effervescently creative till then. Featuring clever rapid-fire dialogue, ‘Philip’ has a wonderful vitality and scored by Keegan DeWitt (” This Is Martin Bonner,” ” ColdWeather”), it has a contrastingly languid, Miles Davis-esque jazz score that is further reminiscent of Woody Allen and sustains the idea of this refined and cultured milieu.

Co-starring Krysten Ritter, Jos&;phine de La Baume, Dree Hemingway, Jess Weixler and Kate Lyn Sheil, ‘Philip’ has a first-rate, up-and-coming indie supporting cast, but the troika of Schwartzman, Moss and Pryce, all at the top of their game, and their layered inter-dynamics are more than enough to suffice. Trenchantly reflecting on the mishandling of success, blind ambition, idolatry, hero worship and the complex and competitive nature of artists in romantic relationships, “Listen Up Philip” is brilliantly chock-a-block with resonant observations. And while Philip himself is unconditionally unpleasant, Schwartzman imbues his obnoxiousness with an undeniable charm that cuts the tart personality.

A deeply misanthropic portrait of narcissism, the brittle nature of artistic talent and the struggles of living in New York City, this toxic comedy pulls very few punches when it needs to get really nasty. Philip’s unpleasant self-regard is such that he poisons every relationship with his insecurity, contempt for others and need to always circle every conversation back to his favorite topic: himself. ‘Philip’ also cuts deeply on the idea of being so selfishly obsessed with women that a healthy relationship with any single member of the opposite sex seems like an impossibility. To reuse the Baumbach parallel, if “The Color Wheel” was Alex Ross Perry’s ” Kicking And Screaming,” then ” Listen Up Phillip" fast-forwards straight to " The Squid & The Whale “; we don’t have to wait a picture or two for the one where Perry has truly found his voice and fulfilled the promise of his enormous potential. He’s already made it. [A-]

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Best, Worst Pre-Arbitration Deals in Recent History

With negotiations between agents, All-Star players and MLB teams, the Deal Now and worse pre-arbitration deals occur during the offseason.

Curious as to what exactly arbitration is?

In a J anuary 2004 article by Jack McDowell of Yahoo! Sports he simplified the meaning, “Arbitration establishes a system in which salaries from top to bottom are reviewed and adjusted to mirror those of equal players.”

In other words, players that sign smaller contracts and become stars get a chance to have a contract reflect what they are worth. With the case of many young, top prospects, MLB teams have a security blanket in terms of a smaller contract. But, if a player does succeed their worth then many teams do renegotiate a contract before that player enters that arbitration period.

AP sports writer Ronald Blum highlights that “Arbitration-eligible baseball players get average 119 percent Raise” in a February 2013 article on Komo News.

Players like Clayton Kershaw and Tim Lincecum gained hefty raises before having to enter the arbitration period. And in the case of Kershaw, who was eligible for arbitration in 2014, is expected to sign a contract extension worth $215 million, via Ramona Shelburne of ESPN on Twitter. Kershaw won’t have to deal with arbitration coming up.

In comparison to both sides of Kershaw’s deal strictly looking at MLB All-Stars, we’ll rank the best and worst deals in recent MLB history.